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    Guangdong Essence Daily Chemical Co.,Ltd Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd., founded in June 2, 1998, eighteen years of business development, the company has focused on cosmetics research and development, production, to provide professional 0EM, brands at home and abroad 0DM full service.
    The company has a plant area of more than 25 thousand square meters, can produce personal care, skin care, makeup cleansing, cosmetic products; the company has a total of four workshops, a total of 20 production lines, with strong influence in the cosmetics industry.
    Guangdong Essence Daily Chemical Co.,Ltd ,Always pay attention to technology, attention to product quality, technical resources of the skin, personal care, makeup and other products formed advantage, has a number of patents, the safety characteristics of products, through market and consumer review, become a trusted partner customers. At the same time also to create a professional, stable management team, a full range of customers to provide professional and efficient services.
    Advanced research environment:
   Guangdong Essence Daily Chemical Co.,Ltd Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd.,Has been adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation" of the concept of work in recent years, with the leading technology, professional services to develop into a professional cosmetics processing (OEM) and brand planning enterprises (ODM). R & D center is divided into reception area, test area, information center, and has a complete and advanced test facilities, equipment.
    Perfect quality management:
    EseneAt the beginning of the venture, the quality construction as the survival of the enterprise. Success in 2001 through the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification, and through the supervision and audit of each year. Companies from raw material screening, the proportion of finished products to monitor, fill, the work process are strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system standards, to ensure product quality.

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Guangdong esene Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd.,

Address:Guangzhou Baiyun District town high mountain Management District Guo ya Road No. 63
Zip code:510460
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020-2863 7361


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